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Red Shoe Music supporting LIVE music.

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Red Shoes Music runs an acoustic based open mic on alternate Tuesdays, at the SQ Bar and Restaurant in Braunton.

Jennie also arranges  the ‘Live’ music sessions at the SQ, providing a great cross section of musical genres from talented local performers and some better known acts from out of the area. In her spare time (!) Jennie manages Reigning Dogs and Reigning Dogs Unleashed

Our ‘Red Shoes Music’ busking stages have been very popular at local festivals, fairs and events with Mike and Jennie organising and running the stages, showcasing local performers.

In 2015 jennie became  the musical director of Lapstock Festival, vetting and booking the acts for the two day event .

So whether you are planning a private party, charity or fund raising event or any other function, the live music is a crucial decision for success. You just can’t beat the buzz of professional musicians playing in a genre perfectly suited to the atmosphere you want to create and engage with your guests. Our shared passion and know-how for creating that live-music buzz was how we originally got together to develop RED SHOES MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. For example, if you have experienced our hugely successful Open Mike evenings, you will understand how Red Shoes Music can put you in touch with a huge variety of musical performers who are in constant demand.


SQ Bar and Restaurant
Lapstock fest


Dan Greenaway Many musicians have been Open Mike regulars from the very start, some come and go, but we do get the odd surprise from professional musicians who drop in whilst in North Devon.
One such guy was DAN GREENAWAY ñ he was so impressive that he was asked to headline a festival night for Cook Island. He accepted! Jennie through ìRed Shoes Musicî helped Dan set up a successful tour of North Devon at some of the popular local music venues. Dan is now a popular visitor to North Devon.


www.martinharley.com Martin Harley singer song writer and musician
New Rising Jay Carter (of the Martin Harley Band) also performs
as part of Newrising and Red Shoes have also worked with Jay
and the Band in North Devon myspace.com/newrisinguk